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You know, I’m just gonna say it since it’s topical. A huge amount of older people who were in power were racist. Not just politics. Celebrities, actors, etc. I have no idea what the queen believes or believed and I believe in not treating people for their past mistakes if they have become better. lol, so the gif of Melania’s face during Trump’s inauguration is manipulated I suppose? Plus half his family members writing books about how horrible trump is? Plus half of his staff members doing the same?

Cute Halloween Horror Characters Drinking Dunkin Donuts Shirt


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We enjoy laughing at an idiot. We enjoy seeing stupid things about an idiot. We especially enjoy how upset it makes his supporters when they see it. We love it when they scream about context. Sometimes, that’s all there is to it. Look. None of us think whoever or whatever sits in a sullen heap at all moments around Trump. Nobody actually thinks these single moments caught in a picture capture the entire experience. I’m guessing there was some image of the queen earlier that made Trump supporters cry because it didn’t capture the full context of whatever was in it. I see that one pop up a lot.