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Dark Rey was unironically the one thing I was hoping for in that movie. They teased it in the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch Shirt Rey stans. She passed well after that decision had been made though. They didn’t know she wasn’t going to be alive to film the last one. They always intended her to be in RoS. Now I agree that it was a pretty stupid moment, there’s never been anything (in the movies at least) to show Leia had any significant connection with the Force beyond the telepathic link they touch on in Empire. Now suddenly she’s keeping herself alive in space and flying back to the ship, something we’ve never even known was possible. I was fine with Luke projecting himself to Crait. Hell, I was fine with Yoda being able to zap the tree. But Leia flying through space didn’t work for me. I remember watching that and just thinking “Really? They’re trying so hard to make it difficult for themselves.”

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