Disc Golf May The Course Be With You Shirt

Someone I know got a tattoo on their private parts. It had the name of a guy she had been sleeping with for a year. The guy was seeing this other chick. Fell in love with a new chick. Dumped my acquaintance. My acquaintance kept pressing him for sex and booty calls. Guy became hostile because she was stalking him, and he had to see her because they worked at the same place. She got his picture from his Facebook profile and had it tattooed on her privates along with a line ” you are my ride or die” right over the line were public hair is supposed to start. They had a huge argument, she showed up at his wedding reception and danced with him.

Disc Golf May The Course Be With You Shirt

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Bride new nothing. Guy has his groomsmen play dance like they are a boy band and people were screaming for them as a joke, like mock groupies. It was fun until the tattooed psycho screams ‘I love you” and raise her skirt to show no undies and a hideous tattoo. She went down on the floor, like dancing to a hard choreography. Huge silence. The tattoo was ugly but extremely accurate. Everyone could see his face on her girl parts. Bride three hot cheese fondant at her. Next thing you know, she was running to the restrooms screaming “assault ” while holding her hand between her legs. The bride was trembling. The marriage lasted 5 months.

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