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Ray Finkle Laces Out Football Camp Shirt

When I lived in Hawaii I got a tattoo of a jellyfish on my leg. The artist was a native Hawaiian and his style was traditional Polynesian, so he incorporated that style into it. He assured me it wasn’t any kind of appropriation because it didn’t have any symbolism associated with it. I wouldn’t want to get any of those elaborate sleeves of patterns because a lot of those are considered sacred. I just realized why the tech tree in Farcry 3 was styled like it was. Which sorry, I know shouldn’t be the takeaway but also I’m kinda envious of tattoos like that. sounds like an incredibly rich cultural touchstone that has been co-opted by a bunch of frat dudes.

Ray Finkle Laces Out Football Camp Shirt

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Yeah, I went to college with a guy who is covered with tats, but he says he’ll only ever get face tattoos if he were to somehow become a chief (he’s from the Marshal Islands) because of traditions. But only in such a circumstance. Ship art. By which I mean, like fandom shipping. Years ago I saw a tattoo on someone’s leg of John and Sherlock from BBC Sherlock and it still haunts me to this day. More recently, saw a tattoo of Solas from Dragon Age. It’s just…. enough??? I feel like tattoos of people’s faces will always be cringe but having those faces being of fictional characters you wish were fucking really makes me wanna implode.

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