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I went on a trip earlier this year with a group of exclusive conservatives except for me, and they had Fox News on in the common area 24/7. The speeches make sense in that context. But even then, you still have to be the type of watch hours of Fox News a day to follow. Yep, it’s odd I have family that loves trump. The political stories they mention are almost foreign to me. I watch Reuters and AP news, pretty neutral reporters. It really does seem like people are living 2 different timelines. That’s why people can never argue properly, the facts are different.

Dia De Muertos Day Of The Dead Mariachi Guitar Player Skeleton Shirt


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I realized, after that brief window of watching Fox News, that it really isn’t just the same info but with an opinion spin. They talk about totally different news. And a lot of the time it’s totally factual, but the fact that it is on the news is the spin. Obama’s tan suit is another great example. He did wear a tan suit. That’s a fact. But only in the Fox News world was it a relevant fact. And if you shrug about it to a Fox News junkie, they’ll basically say the mainstream media isn’t giving you the real news.