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About 3 days after that we were out tearing down the old rotted porch & guess who we find under it. The 3rd kitten is alive and seemingly fine. Well turns out she had the worst case of parasites the vet had ever seen in something so small. 2 weeks of meds & once again she seemed fine. Not even a week after that I woke up to find that half her face was completely swollen. Took her to the vet he did Xrays & stuff couldn’t see what was wrong so gave a different med for 2 weeks. A week into that had to take her back to the vet because her cheek popped open and had a huge hole in her face. Long story short for 9 weeks, I repeat 9 weeks she would go from the holes in her face being basically healed to the next morning new holes and more swelling. It was a roller coaster for sure.

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Well for 2 weeks that seemed to have done it. She mainly slept all day everyday but her face was finally healing (even tho now she does have a scar from ear to chin, but you have to actually look for it to notice) after 2 weeks tho. She refused to eat, wouldn’t move, wouldn’t leave her head up, was constantly shaking. She had to stay at the vet’s for 8 nights. During that 8 days had 3 talks about might having to put her down & 2 talks about possible rabies. The vet finally decided to go in and cut her poor little cheek open. Remove a bunch of skin & tissue that was damaged. But that also meant cutting her whiskers on that side of her face almost to the skin.




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