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The fungal infection got into her nervous system is what the vet thinks. I was able to take her home that afternoon. That was 3 weeks ago. After another 2 weeks on meds, she was completely healthy. For the first time in 5 months, she acted like a normal healthy kitten. Sadly this Monday & Tuesday she wouldn’t eat at all again & had a very high fever. I couldn’t get a vet appointment until Wednesday. So for 2 & a half days every 30 minutes, I had to give her 3ml of Pedialyte. But on Wednesday the vet gave her a shot & I have to give her more meds for the next 4 weeks.


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He thinks we just didn’t keep her on the meds long enough. Which I agree with because a few hours after the meds she was back to being a kitten again. Anyways this long story to say that my kitten had half her whiskers cut off, it’s been 8ish weeks and her little whiskers are finally starting to grow back. She didn’t like jumping up and down things, like the couch, her bed, my bed, etc I have to lift her and put her down. IDK if that is because of the whiskers or not, but now that they are I would say halfway grown back she has started jumping up and down things. She won’t go thru tight spaces.


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