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Dad Bluey TV Series Shirt

Carly’s word against his. Carly could say that he tried to touch her and she scratched his face in self-defense, then OP came at her again, she again hit him in self-defense and that’s when OP punched her in the stomach. To be clear here, I am a woman and I don’t think that Carly will do this. But all it takes is one question like “so how did this whole alteration start?” “so you tried to take his controller?” or someone asking questions like “are you sure that he did not try to touch you?

Dad Bluey TV Series Shirt

Dad Bluey TV Series Shirt


Awesome Bluey Dad V-neck

Awesome Bluey Dad Shirt


Happy Bluey Dad Tank Top

Happy Bluey Dad Shirt


Funny Bluey Dad Sweatshirt

Funny Bluey Dad Shirt

You can tell me” and this entire situation can take on a very dangerous dynamics – especially with such a volatile father. Also, make sure to keep track of everything Carly and her parents say about the situation. People who lie about this stuff over time will change their story little by little to suit what will get the most people on their side. You and your father (and mother if she decides to properly believe you) need to tell the full truth the entire time and write down everything that.

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