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Look, this thing isn’t as bad as the fake news media is making it out to be okay. The numbers aren’t so bad because people aren’t being tested. You know my Uncle was a great professor and scientist — he was at MIT. He taught at MIT for a record number of years. He was a great super genius, Dr. John Trump. Super smart. So people are surprised that I understand all this stuff. I like this virus stuff, science, math okay.

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If I was a virus scientist, I could have probably been one of the greatest ever, probably would have solved this by now – it’s true- people don’t believe it because I’m not a Democrat…maybe they think Obama would have solved it but he wouldn’t know where to start, okay, but when you look at what is happening, people are going crazy, quarantine, locking people up, it’s not good and the Democrats are making it worse, believe me.

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