Dachshund Short Legs But Big Attitude Shirt

Didn’t realize how much time he’s missed, only played 13 games this year due to thumb and foot problems. He was a breathtaking athlete at duke, hope he turns it around but project bigs are a dime a dozen, and I’m afraid that’s what he is at this point. He’s definitely not a project big lol, he’s just compared to Luka, trae, and Ayton. he has the tools to be a great player who just needs to stay healthy. still idiotic that they picked him over Luka lol.

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Dachshund Short Legs But Big Attitude Shirt

Let’s not act like Vivek hasn’t had his hand dipped in literally every move the Kings have made, he knows absolutely nothing about basketball yet always wants to leave an imprint on any move the kings make. It is hard to believe a Slav like Vlade really wanted to take Bagley instead of Luka especially knowing how good the euro league is

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