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A quick post for those confused by earnings. I’ve seen a lot of posts about “hey, my company beat or met expectations yet they went down on earnings” or “how did a company that missed earnings skyrocket?” Well, the answer to my fellow degenerates is how MM’s calculates the intrinsic value of a company. Those earnings estimates come from an analyst’s 10-year forecast of a company and they make certain assumptions about future performance. Those future predictions matter more for the company’s valuations than near term results, especially for certain high flying tech companies where 90% of their value is based on their terminal value (aka far future predicted value). The real reason is the forecast provided by CEOs is the most valuable part of earnings. Current quarter earnings just validate the analyst’s model, but future forecasts completely upend them.

Cute Back the Blue Shirt

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The retard strength in futures is beyond belief. We have 3 straight days coming up of horrific economic numbers (1st Q GDP, Unemployment, April ISM). All in a row. Wed, Th, Friday. So you think maybe, just maybe there’d be a pullback…if anything a pullback based on impending fear of the numbers. But no. That would make too much logical sense. No, an all-time April bounce…just keeps ongoing. Google misses earnings. Who gives a shit? Let’s make their P/E ratio the highest it’s ever been at 130 to 1…Let’s give them a 10% bounce. Right now stocks are the most expensive they’ve ever been based on PE ratios. We’re going into a recession. And nobody cares

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