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It’s not just the Senate impeachment trial, but also our local officials are by and large allowed to act with impunity. Senators, governors, and everyone down the line is kept in positions of power regardless of circumstances and their actions/inactions. Devin Nunes, Ted Cruz, and Mitch McConnell have been their respective state reps for how long despite their actions? There are a reason minorities and the poor tend to vote Democratic in the USA. The Republicans want smaller government with more local control. But minorities and the poor have been shafted repeatedly by local government, courts, and law enforcement. They want more centralized control, “big government,” in the hopes that they can get justice from bureaucrats far removed from the local oligarchs that constantly screw them over.

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Shit on the government all you want. I don’t necessarily trust them as to me it feels less like they’re serving the people who elected them compared to looking out for their best interest. Obviously that’s not a blanket statement and not every politician is corrupt and shitty but at least in the US, for the most part, you have a fair chance to get decent employment, higher education, great medical services (obviously the system is fucked but the actual healthcare is really damn good) and you don’t have to worry about a super corrupt government straight-up destroying your rights and jeopardizing yours and your families rights and get away with it.

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