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Baby Esther was a child performer, sort of a black Shirley Temple. Kane, who was in her twenties, took the little girl scat singing and did it in a sexualized way, then Betty Boop exaggerated that even more. No, bimbo was still her boyfriend. He simply disappeared when the hays code called it bestiality. She also outgrew him in popularity and the character’s sex appeal made it a little awkward and not advantageous for her to have a canonical boyfriend.

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Yvette Nicole Brown’s song with the kids complaining the public schools won’t tell them who’s birthday they’re celebrating, is fantastic.  Problem is, decades earlier Disney themselves argued that this fairy tale was public domain so that they could make a movie about it. Needless to say, the other company won, as they could prove it was a public domain with Disney’s own case all those years back.

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