2020 Rolled A Nat 1 Black Lives Matter Vintage Retro Shirt

No. Baby Esther was actually very young when the trial took place, she was about ten (although there are questions about the accuracy of her age). She didn’t participate in the trial, it was thought she was in Paris. Baby Esther went on a world tour and was extremely big in Europe for a while, then traveled to South America where she also enjoyed great success. She came back to the US and worked for Cab Calloway for a while, but then a rumor went around that she had died.

2020 Rolled A Nat 1 Black Lives Matter Vintage Retro Shirt – HandTee 


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So by the age of 10, Baby Esther developed a signature character. And then a lawsuit? All before the girl turned 11? Pre-mass-media? That’s a fast sequence of events! I think the implication is that Esther recorded when she was about 10. By the time a lawsuit was happening she was touring Europe. Or something. Ah yes, the long-standing tradition of white people blatantly copying black musicians without any credit.

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