Biden Harris Serious Matter 2020 Shirt

Good on the cops for being nice to that poor kid and helping him get to basketball practice. Also good on them for blowing this Santos guy out of the water for making false statements and being a giant lying-ass prick. Hillsborough county cops have a pretty good reputation here in Florida. They also recently charged one of their own for threatening a suspect with a firearm for no reason. They’ve been doing a good job as far as the police are concerned.

Biden Harris Serious Matter 2020 Hoodie

Biden Harris Serious Matter 2020 Shirt

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When I was little me and my friends used to go to garage sales around our neighborhood (the entire town was over 75% white at the time). Us being friends and local, we all dressed and acted the same. However, almost every time I was singled out as being a thief. “What’s behind your back?” “Are you hiding something” “don’t try to pull sneaky stuff on me”. I thought this was normal until my friends pointed out it was always only me getting asked those questions out of the three of us lol

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