Jack Skellington And Pennywise Friend Happy Halloween ShirtJack Skellington And Pennywise Friend Happy Halloween Shirt

the amount of “but Latinos can be white” replies here reminds me that we still have a long path ahead of us. I never said Latinos cannot be white. All I said is that the man in this picture is brown-skinned and does not look like a full-blown European. Like most Latinos, he has a European background and Native American background and most likely also some African background. I look very similar to him with the same tone of brown and I would never consider myself White.

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That’s what I thought. I mean, as far as I know, “Mexican” itself isn’t really a race, but rather a nationality? Aren’t the Mexican people we know today a mix of Spanish colonizers/settlers (white people), and indigenous peoples? You can’t win the social conditioning of 400 years due to the Spanish caste system. White is aspirational and equal to wealth and a better quality of life. Even if you find yourself a minority beating another minority.

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