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The “Zuckerburg” hearings were the Beautiful Dragon Tears Of My Players Shirt most egregious examples of that. So many senators wanted soundbites of them “Being hard” on Zuckerburg that they were asking the unrelated questions. Didn’t take the time to make sure they didn’t sound like idiots, etc. Actually listening to the questions they were asking was eyeopening about how completely out of touch they are, and that they couldn’t legislate in their constituents favor even if they WANTED to. It’s really easy to win an argument when you are writing both sides. I don’t think this line of questioning would go the way OP thinks it would. They wouldn’t even bother answering the first question and would go on the offensive much quicker. Honestly lol I really dislike when people just write out/make up both sides of some argument like this. If this were real, the person answering usually drags on and says more incoherent nonsense than this, and the person questioning is usually not asking very tough questions.

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