Baby Familia Dinossauro Not The Mama Shirt

This thing spreads so quickly and the majority of cases are mild or do not have symptoms (the reason it is so successful). Between social distancing measures and herd immunity just by virtue of this thing making the rounds without people even being labeled as a case… I am optimistic. Add on to that, with more testing, we can identify regions with far fewer cases – meaning we can maintain restrictions on areas where it’s rough, and loosen on areas with very few cases, along with tracking cases/spots to avoid. After all South Korea has handled it well without using treatments or having immunity – they’ve successfully isolated cases and quarantined certain areas thanks to widespread early tests.

Baby Familia Dinossauro Not The Mama Shirt

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People will eventually just go back out and work, we’ll see an uptick in cases again and it will be sad. Our societies just aren’t set up to handle anything like that. They can’t provide us with cash that long, and most of us won’t have jobs that long, even current work from home people. The sad thing is we have to work, we have to go out and do stuff, buy stuff to make our economies work, and it’s going to kill more of us because of this. I think at most people will stay in until June, and after that, they won’t comply with a stay at home orders anymore, especially here in the US where we have no nationwide protections in place for when you can’t pay your rent or your mortgage, can’t pay utilities, etc.

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