Baby Dog Reflection Water Shirt

I was in Paris a few years ago with my sister and we had an early flight. We had been taking the metro the whole trip and felt comfortable with taking it to the airport in the morning. We left ridiculously early, got on the first line, rode to where we needed to swap lines, did so, went a few more stops and the metro just stopped. An announcement came on, everyone cleared off, and we got off, assuming there was either an issue or something we didn’t understand.

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Baby Dog Reflection Water Shirt

People keep packing into the train, he takes a somewhat protective position behind me and my sister. Time for the doors to close now, this takes several minutes as the train is overflowing with people and women are screaming as we somehow pack everyone in and get the doors shut. Several times I look back at this guy and ask “okay?” and he answers “okay” every time.

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