2020 I’m Day Drinking Tee Shirt

I was desperately needing a taxi while traveling alone one night on a freezing cold evening in Russia. Maybe -25 Celsius. I only knew a few words in Russian. I stood on the corner of a busy road for hours trying to hail a taxi. I had no idea what else to do as I just could not find a hotel or hostel. A man drove up to me and asked where I needed to go. I knew the word “train” in Russian and how to say “I don’t speak Russian.” He drives off because we just couldn’t really understand each other.

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2020 I’m Day Drinking Tee Shirt

This happened just last week, but I was out at the store (with a mask on of course) and I smiled at this old man who passed by in front of me. Obviously it’s hard to tell if people are smiling with a face mask on, but it’s a force of habit. Anyway, he stopped and said, “I don’t know how, but even with a mask on your smile is contagious”. It was such a sweet compliment and it made my day.

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