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I was fired from GameStop for some BS as well. They never gave me my work schedule and they scheduled me without notice and called me after not showing up to any of the shifts they claim scheduled me for (Yet never contacted me during those shifts to see where I was). There was a ton of things leading up to them trying to get me fired but basically, it felt like a full personnel change in staff and wanted the old crew out and a new one in. GameStop is a scummy company in general though.

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I think you dodged a bullet there, hadn’t it been for the job it might have happened otherwise…glad that you are doing well now, even though such a breakup must be horrendous to go through…best of luck for everything! Seems you’re a great guy that deserved much better anyway! You are doing better overall and you are keeping all the money for yourself now. No having to split the bill or pay for Christmas presents.

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