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I’m 28 and have had my debt paid off for a few years with good money management and hard work. Most people my age just need to suck it up and stop spending their money on the newest gadgets and instead make an extra payment on their loans. I know way too many people who took out loans and instead of paying them off bought a new truck, or a new motorcycle, or a new iPhone every time they came out with a new model. That doesn’t get you closer to paying off your loans. Drive a beater, don’t get other toys, and focus on the debt you already have instead of getting more.

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No, just the people who chose to take out loans and haven’t paid them back. If you want the government to provide money for people to put back into the economy why not support UBI? Why not support college being free moving forward if you think tuition prices are an issue and solve the problem at the source? Kinda seems like you’re advocating a one-time band-aid solution just because it would benefit you.