Funny 100th Days Of Virtual School Student Apple Wear Mask Shirt

I mean, you are being selfish. Just because it won’t help you doesn’t mean it won’t help the much larger percentage of people not making that much. There’s always going to be a cut-off limit, and I guess I’m sorry you’re above it, but just be happy you’re making as much as you do. Most people aren’t close to that, even with two incomes. Was it due to mediocre performance in college which consequently affected their salary offer? Or due to some dumb illegal thing a person did that makes no employer want to touch them? Was it due to choosing a degree plan that doesn’t enable a high demand of job opportunities?

Funny 100th Days Of Virtual School Student Apple Wear Mask Shirt


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Was it because they choose a degree plan where there are high demand job opportunities but they would never lend themselves to high earning potential, like being a public school teacher? I don’t. I lost my job during the pandemic. Wanna come to pay my debt and bills? You feel for me enough to cover that for me and the other 250,000+ that can’t pay their rents during this mess? Fucking forgive me if Johnny’s school debt is not my first priority or if I feel it shouldn’t be our destroyed economy’s first priority.