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Let us not forget also that the President of the United States, during an international crisis, has been deemed a threat to public health and safety, such that radio stations feel ethically obligated to prevent his messages from reaching their audience. Let’s all chew on that for a moment. I don’t think the bill actually mentions him by name. It’s broader, which is good because there are PLENTY of corrupt people in our government who like to get their hands in the taxpayer jar when they can. It also prevents the heads of executive departments and members of Congress and their families from receiving funds.

Awesome The Halloween Day Pumpkin Skull Ghost Cat Shirt

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A Bill of Attainder is a bill that declared a person or persons guilty of a crime without trial. There’s no constitutional provision that says Congress can’t give money to or withhold money from a specific individual, as long as there is no other constitutional bar (e.g. discrimination). From another article, where Chuck Schumer delayed the bill to insert this: “The updated language extended the ban to businesses in which several family members collectively have a 20 percent stake, even if each person’s individual stake is below the 20 percent threshold.”

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