I’m Going To Go Stand Outside So If Anyone Asks I’m Outstanding Shirt

He’s amazing! I remember watching his speeches as a kid, he was just calm and respectful. He was all for the environment as well, had solar panels installed at the White House, and then Reagan tore them out. It will be a sorry filled day when he leaves the planet. Even dodging ‘name because of ‘cowardice’ is ok. Dulce et decorum est, the old lie, is exactly that – the idea that it’s appropriate to be willing to die for your country. The idea that if you’re not willing to die for your country, there’s something wrong with you.

I’m Going To Go Stand Outside So If Anyone Asks I’m Outstanding Shirt


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What is often called the Religious Right or (New) Christian Right today emerged in its present form in response to an appeal made by Richard Nixon during his presidency to America’s “silent majority.” Amid the protests of the Vietnam era, Nixon was sure that a silent majority of Americans (sometimes called the “silent generation”) agreed with him and his handling of the situation. Before too many years had passed, a Virginia Independent Baptist pastor with a simply formatted television worship service, Jerry Falwell, had formed a political action group, the Moral Majority, that attempted to move the silent generation at least to send money to allow him to lead the nation to righteousness.

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