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About two years ago I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells in my cervix, which simply put translates to I didn’t have cancer yet but was going to if it wasn’t handled. Thank God they found it early. I posted on Reddit for a while during the whole ordeal because I wanted to reach out to others who had gone through the same thing and learn more about the procedures, etc. Anyway, one day a friend came over and randomly asked me about it. Immediately I was confused because I hadn’t told anyone about it other than my mom and SO. He kind of laughed kind of apologized, and said he had found my Reddit and read my posts about the whole thing. Like, even my replies to comments and stuff. Lots of honest and detailed things.

In the Houston subreddit, someone posted a picture of a belly dancer at a Greek restaurant they went to. I think they were there for their anniversary, and they really enjoyed the restaurant’s food and entertainment. I looked closely at the picture, turned out I knew the dancer, we had taught at the same charter school about three years before. One of her first-graders had been allowed by her mother to get ice cream every day before school at 7 a.m. Every day she crossed a major thoroughfare in rush hour traffic with her older brother. One day she ran ahead, and was hit by a school bus that couldn’t stop in time, and was killed instantly. My friend was devastated beyond belief and ended up leaving education.

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