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Much as I have issues with this regarding freedom of expression, this is the right move. Burquas and Niqabs (IMO) are inherently used to erase women from the public square, make sure they are seen as less than people, a gesture that unwanted sexual advances are a woman’s fault because a man can’t control himself and that she has no worth in a society other than what god deems worthy.

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Good, I’m from Germany and there’s no place for forcing women to wear whatever. It’s a free and great country and as someone who’s mother is from a Muslim country there’s no place in our society for that kinda backward thinking. I’m as left as it gets but freedom is more important than religion. I am a Muslim and most Muslim ladies do not wear a Niqab. But now with COVID 19 and all of wearing masks, it does end up akin to the niqab.

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