Funny Official Sunflower Alabama Flag Shirt

I’m so sick of western idiots in these threads posting their PC bullshit. I’ve lived in ME culture for 20+ years. Full-face coverings and burqas are bullshit subjugation of girls. Fine, let women chose what they want as an adult (although if you have understood any of the recent powerplay and hierarchy and how men can easily intimidate women through power/culture/norms, etc. then its also a silly argument), but if you think it’s culturally un-PC to allow the imposition of this onto girls in any context then you’re really naive and haven’t travelled the world.

Funny Official Sunflower Alabama Flag Hoodie

Funny Official Sunflower Alabama Flag Shirt

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But these bans are generally designed to target Muslims and are for the benefit of people who feel uncomfortable seeing such open displays of the Islamic faith. They’re not rooted in attempted to undo “bad” religious practices or to save children from forced religion. If they were about that they’d also ban practices like circumcision, which is genital mutilation. These bans (purposefully) make Muslims feel unwelcome and ostracized from society, and encourage families to withdraw their children from society.

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