Awesome Don’t Study Me You Won’t Graduate Shirt

Dude, stop. It’s not up to you to fix this. You’re trying too hard. You’re the victim here, but by trying to make things right the way you are, it gives a bad impression. Only someone who did something wrong would try so hard to make things okay again. You did nothing wrong, so stop.

Awesome Don’t Study Me You Won’t Graduate Shirt


Black Cat Sometimes I Feel Like Not Going To Work But Then I Remember I Was Born Hot Not Rich Sunset Halloween Shirt


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Ne Sous Estime Jamais Un Vieil Homme Avec Une Bicyclette Et Est Ne En Novembre Sunset Halloween Shirt


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Official The Bigfoots Beer Radio American Flag Shirt


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The Bigfoots Beer Radio American Flag Walk In The Moon Shirt


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I have a group of colleagues who’s close to me and there is this one girl who constantly makes fun of my voice. at first, I just laugh it off but then she did it more often and everyone started doing it and it bothers me so much. I never said that I hate it but I made an annoyed face every time they do it and they stopped doing it except this girl, who started it. I stop talking and hanging out with her.

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