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I’m asthmatic and the number of times people do this in the dingy, stuffy school bathrooms is infuriating!! I’ve had to bust out my inhaler a few times in front of chicks and they’ve all instantly put their sprays away and hurried out. Pisses me off cause in Aussie summers it’s even worse. Imagine being able to breathe for free!!

Cystic Fibrosis Is A Journey I Never Planned For But I Sure Do Love My Tour Guide I’m A Cystic Fibrosis Mom Cancer Awareness Shirt


I Googled My Symptoms Turned Out I Just Need To Go Camping Shirt


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Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women Mmiw Shirt


Never Underestimate An Old Man With Bowling Skills Who Was Born In December Sunset Halloween Shirt


Never Underestimate An Old Man With Bowling Skills Who Was Born In November Sunset Halloween Shirt


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Unicorn Autism Awareness It’s Okay To Be Different Shirt


Unterschatze Niemals Einen Alten Mann Mit Einem Fahrrad Und Wurde Geboren In November Sunset Halloween Shirt

With the social distancing at my store, people have been trying to cut a lot. The little revenge moments are what gets me through. Store is busy, you’d be an idiot to think there was no line. Dude with a huge cart cuts off little old lady with two items and just starts dumping stuff on the belt before I can stop him. He didn’t even let me sanitize it after the last transaction

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