All I Need Is Ice Cream Snow And Dogs Shirt

This sticky is dedicated to compiling responses from rap-related ppl, please reply with responses and we can get them in the OP because this is going to be the thread, we’ve decided that this is a pretty big topic of conversation and think it’d be foolish to remove it. I’m sure there are more responses from rappers and rap writers, please reply with them. If this currently comes across as one-sided, it’s because these were the responses that were found.

All I Need Is Ice Cream Snow And Dogs Shirt

Awesome I Need More Space Astronaut Shirt
Betty Boop The American Girl Was Born In August Living My Best Live Shirt
I understand the point about changing the method of discourse though. It really does feel like a discourse on Twitter is an echo chamber of volatile shit, and so people could really do more to reach the people who really need the change they’re rightfully suggesting. I think it’s a fair discussion to be having. some believe that Cole’s right and that the best way of achieving progress is to teach those whose ignorance is so frustrating to you. If anything the song is talking more about black people putting other black people down for being ignorant about the issues/academia

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