2020 Is Boo Ghost Wear Mask Halloween Shirt

I think to myself as I start making my way up the hill. Just then I was hit with the most magnificent energy from the inside out. I started taking faster steps, and all of a sudden the weight of the chair disappeared. Eventually, I started jogging, and Carl and I were both laughing hysterically at each other as I pushed him up the hill to his house. So we finally got to his stop, in a bad area of town, and get Carl’s address off of his name badge. It’s not close either, and I have to do the balancing act with his super heavy chair again.

2020 Is Boo Ghost Wear Mask Halloween Hoodie

2020 Is Boo Ghost Wear Mask Halloween Shirt

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After some shenanigans with his neighbors, we finally got a key to his home. I pushed him into his room and got him onto his bed. “Thank you,” he said, in his same, now familiar, muttered tone. “Thank you.” I turned to leave, but once more turned back around. “You’re welcome Carl, and don’t forget!” I unzipped his backpack, took out his gallon of ice cream, and put it in his freezer. He smiled, and I left.

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