Without Mechanics Engineers Couldn’t Get Their Mistakes Repaired Shirt

And the buttons were just confusing the heck out of her, so she just hands over her phone, tells me the name of the person, and what to say. I’m done in a few seconds and hand it back to her. She thanks me profusely and then says “I’m sorry if you thought I was staring, but I was just trying to find someone who looked young enough they might know how to work it and who also wouldn’t steal it!”

Without Mechanics Engineers Couldn't Get Their Mistakes Repaired Hoodie

Without Mechanics Engineers Couldn’t Get Their Mistakes Repaired Shirt

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I was in a bar one sunny afternoon and a group of people stopped in and one guy had his dog with him. The rest of the group was talking among themselves and since he wasn’t talking much at the time, I asked if I could pet his dog and he said yes. While petting the dog I mentioned that growing up I had a dog once but my dad gave it away and I never had a dog after that.

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