Vip Equity Equality Justice Dignity Respect Unity Shirt

You aren’t special. Please, for God’s sake. You are not unique, no matter who tells you. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t be special. Hard work will get you further than people realize. Not just committed to something while you’re doing it, though that alone can give happiness, hours of well-spent free time will get you somewhere big. Society today loves to emphasize that each kid is not slow, just different.

Vip Equity Equality Justice Dignity Respect Unity Hoodie

Vip Equity Equality Justice Dignity Respect Unity Shirt

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The woke things people SAY they believe online usually aren’t really what they believe. Girls absolutely DO go for aggressive cavemen over woke guys 99% of the time and no, they don’t want you to ask for permission at every step. Do it and you get filtered right out of the mix. There is no such thing as god and religion’s only purpose is to make us feel better about death.

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