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You don’t say like this administration ‘black and white’, ‘evil and good’ and issues like this; this doesn’t work like this in politics. And within the Nineteen Eighties, many of the worlds was supporting Saddam Hussein, together with the US, in opposition to Iran and we had been one in every of only a few nations on the planet to say that Iran was proper at the moment and Saddam was unsuitable. And even the proposals we used to suggest few months in the past earlier than fixing the issue had been the identical proposals the Doha Accord relied on. And now after 6 or 7 months, nothing occurred on any observe.

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They stated we aren’t within the Syrian observe just lately even after Annapolis. President Assad: We weren’t very proud of the Annapolis Convention too! President Assad: Sure, in fact. President Assad: Sure, and we talked about this three years in the past and we stated that we should not have any downside. President Assad: I feel that the reviews which got here after Mehlis have refuted fully what Mehils stated. President Assad: Truly in politics, you need to be pragmatic; the primary query that you need to ask is who’s efficient in our area, you don’t ask who’s such as you or who just isn’t.

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