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Sexto. Together with courts in civil and prison points for all of the estates, there shall be a supreme courtroom docket, known as a courtroom, to which people shall be elected on the opening of each. Doing nothing of himself, he shall be answerable for nothing to the nation. IX. Regency The guardianship shall be additionally a regency, headed by the queen, or in her absence by the primate. Beneath the federal authorities of a regency, the regency, together with the aforementioned supervisor, shall have the coaching of the kings’ sons entrusted to them.
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VI. The Sejm, Or Legislative Authority The, or the assembled estates, shall be divided into two chambers: a chamber of deputies, and a chamber of senators presided over by the king. After 6 hours of heated dialogue, the king swore the Structure after which all folks handed to detail by the church for thanksgiving prayers and singing Te Deum.