Top LGBT The Only Choice I Ever Made Was To By Myself Shirt

The whole non-binary thing does seem to be saying that a man is a particular thing or a woman is a particular thing and if you want to do X or act like X or feel like X, then you are “a man” or if you want to do Z or act like Z or feel like Z, then you are “a woman.” But you get to switch between the two, or you get to hover between the two as something that is neither man nor woman.

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It seems to put the whole thing on its head, and it seems to fly in the face of the equality and freedoms we pushed for from about 1945 to about 1995 or 2000. I don’t see the point of it tbh and sometimes it seems to reinforce old-school sexism about what a man or a woman “is.” A boy can like dancing or crying at sad movies and a girl can like playing baseball or hunting and she doesn’t have to update her “gender identity.”

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