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When I was 18, my car broke down late at night on a Top Ghost Of Tsushima Shirt lonely highway in NorCal. I didn’t have a cell phone at the time (was too broke). I knew there was a grocery store a few miles up the road, and a payphone, so I started walking on the side of the road. A couple pulled over in their car and begged me to get in. I was in tears, and said, that I couldn’t take a ride from strangers. The lady started crying, told me that I reminded her of her daughter, and showed me her nursing ID. They told me they couldn’t just leave me on the road at night like that. So I accepted the ride. And was safe. Thank you, temporary surrogate parents. You might have saved my life. I did that once for a lady that broke down on the highway. She had started walking from her car in high heels.

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