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There is a great chapter on this incident in Edward R. Tufte’s book, “Visual Explanations. Images and Quantities. Evidence and Narrative.” This and its companion books by Tufte should be “must-read” for anyone who presents information. Basically Tufte shows a better way to present data the MIGHT have convinced the powers that be to postpone that launch till warmer weather (the cause of the failure of the booster O-ring). His presentation, in my mind, makes the decision to launch totally indefensible.

The Monkees 55th Anniversary 1965 2020 Signatures Thank You For The Memories Shirt

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Great (terrible) example of a poor understanding of data by the levels of management making the go-flight call. The data suggested no correlation between temperature and performance (how well they sealed), but that was because they only looked at data for a range of about 60-90°F (IIRC). The day of the launch was so much colder that they completely missed the correlation that could have saved lives.