That’s What I Do I Farm I Drink And I Know Things Shirt

Since Trump was elected, he’s fallen completely out of love with the US and has been doing ‘visiting researcher’ gigs at universities in South America. In his words, it brought out a lot of ugliness that he didn’t realize was there. It’s pretty simple – if you have a grandparent who was born in Ireland and you can prove it (i.e. original copies of their birth certificate, your parent/their child’s birth certificate and your birth certificate) then you are eligible. It’s a long process but not very involved, you just send the documents and there you go!

That’s What I Do I Farm I Drink And I Know Things Shirt


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I have the same through Germany and I am looking at options to move to Germany or The Netherlands. Too much of the political situation resembles the fall of governments past, bottom mention the erosion of human rights The way I see it, Canada should be allowed as many skilled Americans in as we can handle. Why not? They speak English, the skills are a requirement, we have (at least before COVID) more new businesses being started in Canada now than ever before.