Tea-Rex Lllustration Classic Shirt

I was a Humanities Tea-Rex Lllustration Classic Shirt postdoc at Boston College from 2017-2019 and the only reason it was even doable was that the graduate students unionized the year before and BC increased the salary of their postdocs to $67k (from $43k) to prevent them joining the unionEven on that salary, I could not even dream of owning a home in Boston, even all the way out in Waltham where my apartment was. I was fortunate to get an academic job in New Hampshire in 2019 though which allowed my wife and I to move to a much more affordable area. Something a lot of conspiracy wonks and Ayn Randers just don’t seem to get… the rich need the poor in large enough quantities to compete with each other for all the unpleasant work. Even some ideal future where machines do everything including maintaining and creating machines, you need human backups. For sunspot activity at least. Also gotta have a steady supply of desperate young women… rich ladies rarely enter prostitution for some reason…Not a religious person. Religion is most certainly not a joke. You are confusing churches and groups that have ruined the publics view of religion. It’s extremely powerful for a lot of people and gives them hope. Free Will is a lie is debatable. Curious to know how that makes you feel, and your view and approach on life?

Tea-Rex Lllustration Classic Shirt

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