Support Teachers Apple Red For Ed Arizona Shirt

Everyone keeps talking about the financial difficulties with losing an afternoon of wages and ignoring the fact that bosses will just fire you for some excuse. Conservative bosses can fire liberals for voting and vice-versa, all they have to do is make up some bullshit the next day. At-will employment is one of the biggest problems in America. Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Delaware, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, Washington [Users pointed out that they vote by mail only], Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, Connecticut, Idaho, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia – Link

Support Teachers Apple Red For Ed Arizona Shirt

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Yeah, I work more on federal holidays because suddenly every white-collar office worker has the day off and wants to go shopping. If it was a holiday I’d pretty much not be able to vote since I’d be at work all day, when currently I just go in the early morning before my shift starts. Meanwhile, everyone in my family who has an office job that closes on federal holidays has always been able to leave the office in the middle of the day to go vote anyway and then just return to work.



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