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Also, the small changes they took out incapacity in a few cities is enough to slow down the entire region, as those places that lost sorting capacity are usually regional sort hubs, and instead of any mail getting sorted at local POs anymore with local machines, all mail must go thru one of these sorting hubs, which means 100k per hour less capacity in St paul is going to literally affect the entire state, as the entire states mail goes thru the st paul sorting facility.

Snoopy I Have Neither The Time Nor The Crayons To Explain This To You Shirt

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Exactly, this needs to be at the top of the thread. There are a number of 100k or fewer dots that will have no effect and look like they’re just meant to be screening to disguise their intent on documents. However, if you map it out as is done here the states with large reductions are 2020 battleground states with only one exception*. Further, if you add all of the electoral college votes up from these states plus the ones.

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