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I can’t say I’ve worked anywhere where developers weren’t part of IT. They’re usually, in my experience, just part of the app dev, dev, or some similarly named team. Our devs all have regular accounts for email, documents, whatever, and separate admin accounts for privilege escalation like everyone else. Obviously this kind of setup depends on the organization’s threat model, but it doesn’t seem abnormal. Only found out when a new user couldn’t install an app they wanted and someone at the company complained about the person not being made an admin when they had requested it on the new starter form. Sure, go ahead, added the user to the local admin group, knock yourself out!

Winamp! An MD contacted me to about cannot find some Word documents on his pc ended up he’s using Winamp to browse documents folder opening Winamp’s Playlist clicking that tiny Add button opening browse window changing the file extension from mp3 to all finding Word document and double click on the file to open with Ms. Word. The best part when I was looking him in pitty eyes like asking why? Doc told me that he’s opening files in the same way almost 7 years and nobody noticed till he accidentally saves a file to the desktop instead documents folder.

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