Pretty Living Unapologetically Black Shirt

I’ve been a Pretty Living Unapologetically Black Shirt movie theater manager for most of my life. My ears have become finely tuned to hear the cling of silver coins versus the clang of regular. I’ve stopped other managers who were counting/rolling coins to do the covert switch out so many times. Same. I was an Assistant Manager at a dollar store in what seems like a previous life now, but I’d work the registers often and would usually help the cashiers count the till at the end of the day. I always kept a keen eye for anything unusual and knew the ting of those silver coins immediately. I still have everything I managed to collect all those years ago. Stamps don’t expire stamps they don’t want. My father used to do a lot of mailing – and he would buy old stamps, not from the post office, but from stamp dealers – and get a 10 or 20% discount off of face-value.

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