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Oh my god. The amount of extra work is… insane. We used Box (terrible, terrible software) for most of our file sharing, and of course every PM and Estimator always “needed access to everything” so there would be 250GB+ of project data that would have to sync every time that someone got a new laptop, etc. Then you have people with thousands and thousands of files on Box synced to their PC, who don’t actually need local copies of those files at all, that constantly have to update as they are edited, it was a nightmare. The box would throttle the download bandwidth too, so the initial download of all those files took several days, and they’d inevitably get out of sync and get all fucked up, or duplicate, etc.

I also used to be the IT Admin (read: basically the sole IT guy) for a large commercial construction contractor. Insane how much money moves through those businesses, I remember when the AR lady needed a new check scanner, I bought one off eBay and needed a check to test it with, and she handed me a $1.5m dollar check from one of our customers like it was nothing. Used that to test the scanner, it worked! We also constantly poached estimators and PM’s from other companies it seemed like, so it would seriously happen at least once or twice a month, where my boss would email me on a Friday and tell me we have a new employee starting Monday and he’ll need equipment, an office set up, and 4 monitors by Monday at 8 AM. Those guys just bounce around from company to company, making more and more money and signing bigger and bigger hiring bonuses, it’s bonkers.

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