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The awful thing about that is that there are people like me that are in the health care field, and also on methadone, that do every by the book, and then some. I have a strict policy that pill counts are done at the beginning and end of every shift. That way it keeps every worker honest. If they know the pills will be counted in front of the next health aid, they can’t steal it.

Premium Somewhere Between Proverbs 31 Beth Dutton Shirt

Premium Somewhere Between Proverbs 31 Beth Dutton Shirt



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You can see all the complaints from nursing homes online. It’s such a common occurrence, along with abuse, negligence, and theft. The problem is anyone can become a CNA with only a little schooling or accountability. It’s a shame because when I’m on a hospice job, we can’t find honest people anymore to do home care. These patients and their families need help so badly, especially right now…

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