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So you take half your breaths and invest them in a dividend balloon, and then suck those breaths out once a month. If I do the math, that’s 1.44/7744e 10 centigrade breaths per lumen. Enough breaths to power a small but deadly snail for ten thousand years. I would take the billion dollars and use the extra covalent energy from needing to expand and contract my lungs to power a small wind farm, and by selling the green energy produced thereby, never have to touch my dividend. In fact, nobody would probably ever touch my dividend again.

Premium Let Russ Cook Shirt


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That means that in a typical day to and from work (40 minutes), I generally hit 10 green lights; averaging 30 seconds each, I save a grand total of 300 seconds, or 5 minutes, driving through green lights that would otherwise be red. If I were to take this deal, then over the course of a workweek that’s 25 minutes lost to red lights that would’ve otherwise been green. Between my house and job, about a 20 minute drive, are ten traffic lights. I breeze through green lights at around 50% of the time. When I have to sit at a red, let’s call it an average wait of 30 seconds – sometimes much shorter, sometimes much longer, but a decent average.


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