Premium E. Honda Sumo Shirt

I don’t want the Premium E. Honda Sumo Shirt next time I travel back. Where I grew up to be thru open fields because they cut down the trees. Whoever is in charge of deciding how much forest is up for auction to be cut down is probably having their pockets lined to get the ball rolling. So 1. “Tree farm” like growths are not legal in BC. 2. Why would they be quiet? Newly planted cut blocks are usually very active with wildlife because they open up the ground and allow for easier traversing. 3. You don’t replant all of the exact same type of tree you look at the endemic species in the area and mirror what exists around the block. This isn’t the 1960’s anymore, do some reading into the BC forest industry and you might be surprised. Yes, because replacing a mature forest with an eerily quiet.

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