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I know that now, however, most employers will gladly keep you uninformed of your rights as a worker in order to take advantage of you. It did come in handy when someone broke their skull open(at a different job) and the managers tried to get us to clean up some poor dude’s blood puddle without proper protective gear. Needless to say, absolutely everyone told them no. Ninja edit: also I’m very lucky and glad I didn’t get infected by what I cleaned up. I saw the camera footage of who went in and left just before I found the mess and they looked really unwell. (Drenched in sweat and visibly panting)

I had a guy come through the drive-thru and tell me that he made a mess in the bathroom. He looked ashamed and was kind of old, so I felt bad. So I walk towards the bathroom and I’m immediately hit with the smell. I’m open the door and there’s poop all over the walls, the floor, the urinal, the sink. I felt bad for the guy cause maybe it was an accident but it was still super gross My job is in an active plaza. Officially, the restroom is for employees and known customers only. But if I’m alone I don’t really care who uses it. Some old guy came in and asked if he could use the restroom, I said yes. He did his business, said “Thank you!” and left.

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